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Time and Work for JKSSB Class IV exam Lecture 4 Maths by home academy

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we have true desire to serve to society and nation by the way of making easy path of the education for the students. Analogy Part 2 https://youtu.be/dXULDOY87ck accounting equation https://youtu.b e/bN7fwSqenRQ Analogy reasoning https://youtu.be/oQ08q5YVh9w percentage for JKSSB class IV https://youtu.be/XrZGy4DYrXo jobs 8575 post https://youtu.be/hKm8gvKJ4WA United Nations Organizations https://youtu.be/fwjenvJR_oc population growth https://youtu.be/gP2kSPUo2_c Trial Balance Accountancy https://youtu.be/gNoRKnEp8sI Spread of Modern education in India https://youtu.be/MJzAzhJARm0 Voucher Approach in accounting https://youtu.be/j1y4lhWhAw0 Journal Accountancy https://youtu.be/W0D0VTl12Ro accounts cashbook 2 https://youtu.be/osIpwi8vcak accounts cash book https://youtu.be/Q2PMuOlm0qw differemce between accounting and book keping https://youtu.be/X5m5Vu5vtNA approximation https://youtu.be/dPp3FwYLyhM DI Data interpretation https://youtu.be/pwqBfPJBCL4 simplification 3 https://youtu.be/82fIEoq8e2g simplification 2https://youtu.be/GaVTywNnnYg simplication tricks 1https://youtu.be/5YQ794MNwMY pipes...
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