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The Wiggles: The Handwashing Song

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We are so excited to share the song and video we created with our friends at UNICEF Australia! ⁠ This song is all about how to wash your hands and stay healthy. As Ambassadors for UNICEF Australia, we want to help raise awareness that handwashing with soap is an easy, effective and affordable way to prevent illness and diseases, and save lives!⁠ For every child, clean hands and a healthy future! ⁠The Handwashing song is available here: https://abcmusic.lnk.to/handwashing #GlobalHandwashingDay #ForEveryChild #UNICEFAustralia #TheWiggles #TheHandwashingSong Subscribe to our channel for more Wiggly videos: http://ab.co/WigglesYouTube Visit The Wiggles’ website: http://TheWiggles.com.au Like The Wiggles...
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