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L.van Beethoven: ODE TO JOY in Istrian scale (Croatia); ODA RADOSTI u istarskoj ljestvici

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L.van Beethoven: ODA RADOSTI (ODE TO JOY) Arranged by IVAN PAVACIC JECALICEV (Dobrinj, island Krk, CROATIA), ethnomusicologist SOPELE playing by Ivan Pavacic Jecalicev and Klaudije Dunato About specific music in Northern Adriatic coast and Istrian peninsula in Croatia: Folk singing and playing the „SOPELE", the ancient folk musical instrument of the Northern Adriatic coast and Istria in Croatia are very specific. This music is one of the most arhaic genuine expressions in this part of Europe. It is based on the non-tempered tonal system, a sequence of six tones, interpositioned in such a way that no other tone can be...
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