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Schumann / Liszt - Widmung - Marianna Kapsetaki

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R.Schumann - F.Liszt - Widmung (Dedication) Piano: Marianna Kapsetaki October 2019 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stephanie and Marianna Kapsetaki have won 1st prize in 11 international and national competitions (for solo piano). They have also been presented with more than 30 honorary awards and scholarships including: the New College Oxford Cultural Award (for 3 consistent years), the Parisianou S.A. Award, the Hilda Martindale UK Award, The Felix Marr Award, the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine Award, the Music Bursary Award of Imperial College London, the UNESCO Medal, the Jannis Tzonker Young Musician Award and the Citizens of Honour Awards for their musical...
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