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Sami Yusuf - Shirvanshah’s Palace

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Download/Stream 'Shirvanshah's Palace' now: https://sy.lnk.to/shirvanshah Pre-order ‘Azerbaijan: A Timeless Presence (Live in Baku)’ now: http://andnt.co/AzerbaijanATimelessPresence Watch Sami's Official YouTube Playlist http://andnt.co/SYplaylist – Join Sami Yusuf on @Spotify and add your favourite tracks to your personal playlist http://andnt.co/SY-Spotify – Subscribe to Sami's official YouTube channel http://andnt.co/YT-samiyusuf Follow Sami Yusuf on: http://www.twitter.com/samiyusuf http://www.facebook.com/samiyusuf http://www.instagram.com/samiyusuf http://www.samiyusufofficial.com DESCRIPTION ‘Shirvanshah’s Palace’, a new instrumental work from Sami Yusuf, features a 57-member orchestra and dazzling solos on oud, kamanche, tar and balaban. The musical narrative is majestic, powerful and intensely beautiful. This piece is performed in Shur mugham [Əbu Əta], evoking an ecstatic mood that echoes...
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